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Meet HeRMon


 Imagine your members saying,

“If I don’t have my heart rate monitor, does my workout even exist?”

Easy to Use

Our always available monitoring system means no start/stop buttons or class times. Simply put on the  monitor and your data shows on the display. When you disconnect, you receive an email summary to let you see what you have done.

Reinforce Behaviors

Success is the result driving the right behaviors.  We have proven that one of the easiest behaviors to establish is targeted calorie burn workouts. We encourage 500 calories/workout for females and 800 calories for males, and that message is wrapped into our tour and marketing.

Cost Effective

With heart rate monitors at 30% less than the competition, and a goal of getting EVERY member involved, it is easy to sell HeRMon as part of your sales process.  Increase the perception of value at point of sale, and absorb any costs into your enrollment fees. We’ll show you how.

More features

Use for whole club

Segment results for classes

Detailed backoffice reporting

Integrated app 

Post workout summary email to every member


Gamification Builds Club Culture

HeRMon includes a leaderboard that encourages friendly competition, while promoting the actions that create results for your members.  Understanding Calories Matter is the first step to getting to fitness goals.  Our leaderboard reinforces that philosophy.


Increase Your EFT (5-20k/mo.)- No Additional Staff