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7 Step Blueprint for Success

How the JAMWORKOUT Philosophy gets you there

There is so much conflicting information out there in the world of fitness.  How do you really know what will work?  We asked our successful members what it took to get their incredible results and put together a step by step blueprint to get you to the body and health you desire.

Step 1 – Set Up Your Dashboard COMPLETELY.

This means add your weight, your body fat, your picture, YOUR WHY which is your SPECIFIC GOAL, and commit to how many times a week you will work out (minimum is 2, most see better results at 5). Want to know more about your dashboard? Enter your information, including your WHY, to get started. Next, check out your heart rate monitor and the best practices for using it successfully.

Step 2 -Get an initial assessment.

Assessments are scary, but they are the only way to really see your progress.  You cannot plan a trip to Alaska without first knowing from where you are leaving. If you want to continue your positive momentum, it is critical to reassess every 4-6 weeks so that you know what you are doing is working.  Learn more about Assessments.

Step 3 – Log your nutrition

That that gets managed, gets done. #1 Find how many calories you should eat a day.  Eat real food. Find a handy app and log what you eat and drink.  Remember, you’ll never out-train a poor diet.  Check out the nutrition guide and recipes for meals and smoothies. But if you don’t cook, don’t worry, we even have a guide to eating healthier fast food.

Step 4 -Start with TOTAL BODY Workouts

You have 112 preloaded workouts ready for you:  See Your Schedule in Your Dashboard

  • Total Body workouts- Total body conditioning divided by levels and difficulty, BASE,MOMENTUM and PEAK.
  • Agility, Strength and Power– Find your Power and Kick Some A-S-P!
  • Cardio, Core and Kickboxing– Cardio intensive metabolic training to turn UP the BURN and lean out.
  • Splits– Traditional body part splits: Shoulders and Legs, Chest and Triceps, Back and Biceps- This kind of focus is an entirely new kind of sore.
  • Stretch and Foam Rolling– Recovery (we all need to do more of this)
  • Body Part Specific– Sculpt by the area: Legs, Shoulders, Back, Chest, Arms
  • Chisel Power– Carve your body

Step 5 – Hit your targets-every time!

Men 800 calories per workout (200 warm up + 600 in workout and cardio.) Women 500 calories per workout (150 warm up +350 in workout and cardio.) More about targets.

Step 6 – Change things up

Adaptation occurs quickly usually every 4-6 weeks.  Change and customize your workout style, type, or even exercises to work around injuries and fire up your CNS (Central Nervous System) to promote change. How to Change your Workouts.  Another way to change things up is by adding active recovery to your workout schedule. 

Step 7- Share your results

We love to celebrate your success.  That is why we are here.  Become part of our testimonial wall.   We will brag on you like your grandmother.  Check out some of our most successful members here. See our Facebook and Google reviews.