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Join the JAMWorkout Ad Network


  • Control the ad display
  • Have a well defined demographic
  • Drive in-club sales & promotions
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Quarterly payouts/credits
  • Create relationships with local businesses

How It Works

  1. Email: sales@jamworkout with your interest in participating in the Ad Network.
  2. Sign our ad agreement.
  3. Seek out local or national advertisers that want your customers to see their ads.
  4. Have the advertisers send you the content for the ads.
  5. Have the advertiser set their budget for displaying the ads.
  6. Upload the content. Once approved it goes live.
  7. Using the system monitor how many times an ad runs.



  • All content is approve by JAMWorkout, LLC
  • Objectionable content will be rejected. Repeat uploads of objectionable contact will be grounds for removal from the program
  • Ad have a start and stop date
  • A maximum of one gym ad (free) and two local ads can be active at any one time.
  • JAMWorkout, LLC reserves the right to suspend, modify, or cancel the advertising agreement without notice.
  • Ad delivery is provided as “best effort”, meaning that if a particular ad does not play or is altered in playback there is no reponsibily for JAMWorkout, LLC other than corrective efforts or removal of the effected advertisement.