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“To see beyond the horizon, you must stand on the shoulders of giants.”


Would you like a glimpse at the future of fitness?

No, not some new machine, program or widget that you can see in a booth at the next trade show. We are talking a totally new direction, a totally new concept- a quantum leap forward.

You see, most fitness companies upgrade or add to what is out there, “building a better mousetrap.” They take what’s there and tweak it, make it sexy and repackage it.

But that is the other guys.

JAMWorkout has completely reimagined how fitness is delivered and experienced.

We have spent the last 3 years looking at what was coming, what was out there, the trends, the fads, and the excuses. We walked the trade show floors. We saw the awesome benefits, the fatal flaws and the unlimited potential.

And then, we went to work.

We developed and tested, failed, adjusted and found our way.

We were not content to tweak someone else’s idea.

We became innovators, like so many before us.

We have climbed on the shoulders of giants, and now we are making the leap that will take us beyond the horizon.

Are you in?

Would you like to know how to leverage technology cost-effectively in your fitness facility? No matter what type of club you own. No matter what brand of equipment.

  • Do you want to know how to do it with no overpriced machines, fancy programming gurus, or needing a bigger facility?

  • Do you want to see it work in a complete system, with sales, marketing and education for you, your staff and your members?

  • And would you like all of this WITHOUT adding any staff?

JAMWORKOUT’s proven concept currently thrives in a saturated market, with a unique selling proposition that focuses on members and their success.

Get people hooked on your business, because they get hooked on their RESULTS.

Come glance beyond the horizon.

Let JAMWORKOUT show you a new way to stand out in your market.

More profit.

More retention.

More raving fans!

What can your business become?


Find out here.