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Find Your Why

Blueprint for Success

7 Step process to achieve maximum results using TOD

Your Dashboard

How to set up and use your JAMWORKOUT Dashboard

Injured? Bored? Change things here.

How to change your workouts and exercises

fail to plan; plan to fail

Define Your WHY?

The Strength of Your WHY will determine your path.

Assess for Success

How to use different assessment tools to break through plateaus.


Why we target specific calorie goals to create success.

Your Monitor

Get to know your heart rate chest strap.

90% of results are made in the kitchen

Caloric Needs Calculator

Find out how many calories you really need.

Nutrition 101

Basic information and nutrition plan to get you started.

Food Tracking Apps

Some of the best FREE food tracking apps out there.

Fast Food Choices

What to choose, if you HAVE to grab fast food.
yum yum Recipes

Shakes and Smoothies

Make your own nutritious and delicious shakes and smoothies with our smoothie matrix.

TOD's Favorites

Seared tuna, thai chicken soup, and other yummy and healthy picks.


JAM Supplements

What we carry, and why?  Offerings will vary by location.

Rest, Recover, Repeat

Ouch! Managing Soreness

How to handle sore muscles from exercise