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     JAMWORKOUT is a software company founded by Fitness Pioneers.


This means:

  • Unparalleled Support
  • Complete Solution
  • Enhances PT Programs


A background in fitness and not just software means that we know, engaged members stay. People need guidance, if not training. And doing the same thing every day gets boring and produces fewer results over time.  Our suite of products work synergistically to provide services to your member to engage them, educate them, and empower them through their fitness lifecycle.


Our Solutions


TOD is a completely customizable, agnostic guided training system for your club or studio- no additional staff needed.

Meet TOD
  •  1 – 7 – 13  is the magic number for lanes
  • Fully customizable
  • Health clubs, studios, and boutiques
  • Works in your CURRENT club, without big expensive equipment or additional staff.

JAMIE Kiosk- Our InteractiveEducator

The JAMIE system, is an educational engagement tool for your club. It’s like having someone on staff 24/7.

  • Member on-boarding tool
  • No additional staff needed
  • Club promotions
  • 24/7
  • Chat Support & FAQs

HERMON- Whole Club Heart Rate Monitoring

Many clubs have recently joined the heart rate revolution, using heart rate monitoring for group fitness.  But are you missing a huge market?

Meet HeRMon
  • Entire club heart rate monitoring
  • Motivational Goal & Assessment Alerts
  • Gamification
  • Leader Board
  • Email Recap summary

Our NEW App -Calories Count EVERYWHERE

Your calories should count no matter where you do your workout. With our new app- EVERY Calorie MATTERS!

Meet Our App
  • Inside and Outside Club
  • Gym locator
  • Gamification and tracking
  • Challenges

Does Your Small Group Area Sit Empty Most of the Day?   It Doesn’t Have To…..