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The Smoothie Matrix

How to Create Yummy but Still Healthy Smoothies Easily at Home
I love smoothies. They are like healthy milkshakes. They can curb my sweet tooth, and still provide a tons of awesome nutrition. But did you know the $6 ones you get from places like Smoothie King could have as much or more sugar as a Frosty at Wendy’s. For me (and my wallet), I choose to make them at home. That way I can control the ingredients, tweak to my preference, and I get to enjoy any leftovers. What I have created for you is a simple basic recipe for a smoothie at home that you can customize to your tastes. Then I have created a Smoothie Matrix with some of my suggestions for using that recipe to create something delicious. Try one of the ones provided or be creative and develop one that is unique. And if you create something earth-shattering….PLEASE share. 🙂

1. Pick a milk – 1 cup (Almond, Cashew, Macadamia,
Coconut, Cow (for those who do not have a problem
with dairy)

2. Pick a protein powder, and a flavor. Vanilla is your
most versatile. (Whey, Casein, Rice, Hemp, Pea)

3. Add Extras: (Sugar Free Pudding Mix, nuts or seeds,
nut butter, veggies, fruit, Sugar Free flavorings
(flavored stevia drops are my favorite)

4. Blend with ice and enjoy.

Some Combinations to Try