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The Importance of Targets

And Why We Use Them


One of the primary driving forces behind JAMWORKOUT Philosophy is the need for targets.

Imagine needing to achieve a bullseye without knowing which way to shoot.  It would be strictly up to chance whether you would be successful.  A target gives you a sense of direction, allows your mind to focus and not waste energy shooting aimlessly. Although you may not get the bullseye, you will come closer, and have a better chance through repetition to hit your target, which ultimately means reaching your goal.

We have found through working with thousands of clients and members that setting individual workout targets provides not only direction, but helps to avoid a sense of overwhelm when it comes to the loftier goals of losing weight.  Losing 50lbs is much more daunting than regularly working out for 500 or 800 calories.

Why 500 and 800?

The targets were developed according to average people and what they need to do to induce a change. Women naturally burn fewer calories, because of their generally smaller size and muscle mass.  Women are also far more likely to adhere to diets and calorie restriction.  For this reason, women should target 500 calories.

Men have a larger body size and higher percentage of muscle mass, so they naturally burn at a higher rate.  The target for men is set at 800 calories per workout.

What target should I have for warm up?

JAMWORKOUT recommends that men warm up for 200 calories and women for 150. Ideally, your warmup will be multi-limb and multi-joint to be most effective. Warmup should take no more than 10-15 minutes.  The heart rate should be elevated.  The joints will be warm and well lubricated.  This will decrease the chance of injury.

Is that in addition to the workout target?

This number is included in the total workout target.

How long should it take to hit my target?

Some days you will feel great.  You will have energy to burn, weights will seem light, and you will CRUSH your workout.  On those days you may hit your workout target in 45 minutes.  On days when you are dragging, you may need to finish on cardio to hit your targets.

If I don’t get 500 or 800, did I waste my time?

Everything you do, every workout is inching you closer to your goal.  You never regret going to the gym.


30 minutes- 45 minutes-

1 hour-PLUS!

Do I need to stop at 500/800?

Absolutely not.  Although these are your targets, you can ALWAYS go over them.  500 and 800 insure that you are doing enough to see change.  One of our greatest success stories, Jeremy, has become addicted to his heart rate monitor, and regularly hits targets over 1000 calories. Erin, a female member who lost more than 40lbs, averages over 700. Another go getter, Maverick has done as much as 5000 calories in a marathon style workout.

I finished my workout, but I am not at my target.  What should I do?

Remember, at the end of your workout, after you have justified your muscle is a perfect time to do extra cardio.  Your circulating blood sugar is low. Your body knows that your muscles are “off limits” as a source of energy, and you must tap into fat stores to keep going.  Choose a piece of cardio equipment, or go for a run/walk until you hit your target number.