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Define Your WHY

And Reach Your Goals
The human mind is amazing. It is our greatest ally, and our greatest enemy. That is why before you embark on any real, lasting change, you must first recruit your strongest muscle…your mind.  Make your mind into a believer and you will be astonished at what you can do.

Begin with the end in mind.  Define your WHY.

What does your ultimate goal look like?  Do you want to lose a significant amount of weight?  Do you want to gain some muscle?  Would you like to be able to play with your grandkids without pain or worry?  All of these are respectable goals, now get specific with them.

Lose weight-

  • How much weight? (Be EXACT) by what date?
  • WHY?

Keep active for strength, mobility, flexibility and generally feel better-

  • What activity do you wish to perform, like a 5k? (Be EXACT) by what date?
  • WHY?

Gain muscle-

  • Add 1-5lbs of muscle? (Be EXACT) by what date?
  • WHY?

Now….ADD YOUR WHY and Date to your GOALS in Your JAMWORKOUT Dashboard.