Heart Rate Monitoring

Arm Band for Heart Rate Monitoring
Heart Rate Monitoring Devices

Why isn't your Smart Watch making you fit?

aka. Why We Use Active Calories

  • Your body already accounts for your resting metabolic rate (RMR).
  • Better understand intensity
  • Ensure your workouts are at 60% MHR or more
  • You can’t get fit sitting down all day.
  • Using a wearable all day is like wearing a seatbelt all day- not necessary.

Heart Rate Monitors Provide Simple Data

Arm Band for Heart Rate Monitoring

Get Instant Feedback

during your workout. Afterwards, your workout details report- gives you all your data BY ZONE. It does not matter what activity. As long as you are over 60% of your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), you are burning at an accelerated rate- and THOSE CALORIES MATTER.

Active Calories Matter

Just the sandwich please-

You just burned 400 calories. Did you just do that workout for nothing? Maybe, if you follow it with a meal like this. Even the "best" fast food meals are typically 1000 calories or more. Even an hour of hard training might not cover it. Don't deprive yourself- just skip the fries; drink water and downsize those calories.

Arm Band and Chest Strap Combo

But Did You Die Though?

Keep your eyes on your heart rate. Your body will fight change by telling you working harder is impossible, and you might believe it- UNTIL you see your heart rate is just 65% or 75%. The KEY to success- Stay consistent and keep those calories in the active zones- whether you are doing strength or cardio training.


ACTIVE Calories

FITNESS Milestones

Fully Customizable


Know Your Burn

Understand Intensity

Take it With You


Pairing, Wearing and Caring for Your Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Zones

<60% Very Light

Improves Overall Health and Helps Recovery
Sedentary Does not count towards active calories count and leaderboards

60-69% Light

Improves Basic Endurance and Fat Burning
Easy, Brisk Walk. Light Strength Work

70-79% Moderate

Improves Aerobic Fitness
Can be Sustained for extended periods.

80-89% Hard

Increases Maximum Performance Capacity
Sweat spot for greatest gains.

90+% Intense

Develops Maximum Performance and Speed
Cannot be sustained for long periods of time.

Active Calories Matter

When you are trying to get in shape, lose weight or be healthier- the calories that you burn over and above your normal metabolic rate are the ones that create the real change.

This is why JAMWORKOUT focuses on active calories- not every calorie.

Above 60% of your recommended maximum heart rate ensures that you are doing more than just normal daily activity.

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Trigger Warning

If you are a woman, this may make you pretty angry at the next man you see......

  • Men and women are not physically equal. Try not to shoot the messenger here.
  • Men burn calories faster than women.
  • In fact, on average men burn 400-600 calories JUST BREATHING.
  • Men burn roughly 8% more calories  when exercising.
  • This is true EVEN IF THEY WEIGH THE SAME!!

What does consistency look like?

This is one man’s workout history in JAMWORKOUT. He has good days and bad.

He has low intensity and high. But he is consistent and he sees RESULTS.

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