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Know your Motivation

It is easy to say I want to lose weight, a bit more difficult to put an actual number on it, or a date to it. You need to be reminded regularly of your goal as a NEED not a WANT for discipline. Get specific with your 72 day goal- include something MEASURABLE and log it. Ex. Lose 20 pounds, lower blood pressure to 140/80, beat my 5k time by 2 minutes, or fit in my size 7 jeans by Spring Break.

Progress Pics

Whatever your goal, you will need to get real about your starting before pictures, weight and body fat. If you do not know where you are now, you cannot possibly know if you’re moving towards your goal. Real data means real results. No data= imagined results. Take before Pictures front, back and side (just for you) You will thank us for it! We value your privacy and these images will be stored internally in your phone only

Health Mobile Application
Mobile app for heart rate monitoring

Track Heart Rate & Active Calories

Heart rate monitoring wearables are only a tool. You should only wear it when ready to be ACTIVE not ALL DAY. Frankly “I work out” is a relative term. We measure intensity of ACTIVE calories ONLY – the goal is to be over 60% of your MHR (max heart rate) at the least. These are calories you won’t burn at rest. We use our Chest or Arm Band Heart Rate Monitors to track your heart and calories during your workouts activities. Our devices are best class and designed for any kind of workouts with accurate data.

Very Detailed Summary

We will track activities of yours workout by every second and will produce very details reports which will give you the idea about how much active calories you’ve burned. We will also tell how much time and calories in each activity zones and exercises you have competed in the workout.
Mobile app for calorie tracking
Android & iOS Mobile App for Fitness

Fitness Milestones

With 3 progressive levels of Fitness Milestones– Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. You can increase strength , cardio and stamina to ultimately get to your goal. Your 1st workout should be beginner Fitness Milestones. In the Workout Schedule you retest on day 24 and compare to your last test to see how you improve. Advance to next Phase. I.E intermediate fitness milestones which would be your 25th workout. You can even see where you are for you age and gender for a little more motivation

Global Leaderboards

Getting bored of doing workouts alone? Don’t worry, we have two global user groups one for all members under JAMWORKOUT home club and if affiliated with a gym just that location. You can see top 100 users overall or just club you’re in specifically . Our leaderboard is the main motivation tool for our members to see how they are doing vs other members which keeps them very active day by day. Know their number and challenge yourself to beat them when you test. Climb the leaderboard one more second or rep at a time. Prove you are better, stronger and faster with measured success.
Group workouts USA
Workout Anywhere USA

Workout Anywhere

Doing workouts at home and gym or other places? Create different workouts for all your favorite locations using only the equipment that you have available in that location HOME or AT ANY GYM Or Your Favorite Club. Toggle easily between locations with a single click.

Workout for any Fitness Level

We are focused your gender and level of fitness Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. For each fitness level we have different set of workouts plans with easy to intense exercises. Once you achieve your goals you can change your level to next easily in location library .

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced workout plans
Health Mobile App for Families

Extensive Exercises Filters

You can locate your exercise videos either by searching preferred muscle group, equipments and /or exercise you want to use. This helps narrow down the list.

1300+ Exercise Videos

We have more than 1300+ exercises videos done professional fitness trainers and athletes. Each video will give detailed coaching instructions to do the particular exercise.
Exercise videos mobile app
Customizable workout plans

100% Customizable

Start with our preset templates. Edit them over time to create entirely new workouts. Easy to change on the spot. Warm up with cardio and transition right into your TOD workout. You can even create your own workout plans with our exercises videos.

You can also set exercise interval duration and exercise duration in the interval too.

Workout Library

Don’t know what to do? Don’t worry we have workout libraries set for your fitness level. By default you will get one workout plan per your location or club. You can also change it from club Library. From there you can activate any desired workout plan with just one single click.

Workout library mobile app
Best mobile app for health & fitness

Workout Histories

Do you wants to track your workout consistency ? Here you go. We keep all your workout records until you leave us. You can see all your workout summary anytime anywhere at ease.




Points are earned by following your goals and milestones.


Measure more than the scale, by testing your fitness milestones. See results even when your scale stalls.


Redeem your points and get cool gear and other great items from our store. Earn things you cannot buy.

How it works



Set Your Preferences

Set Your Preferences

You are in control Choose your equipment, workout style, fitness level to create a customized workout just for you- wherever you are.

Add A Heart Rate Monitor

Add A Heart Rate Monitor

Data makes a difference. Use it to drive your fitness behaviors. Use an existing hr monitor or purchase one of ours. Chest strap or armband versions are available.

Record Your Stats

Record Your Stats

Use the app to store your stats: weight, bodyfat, height and start points for your fitness milestones. We will track and show you changes over time. Fitness goes beyond the scale.

Workout At Home

Workout At Home

Workout at home by casting your videos and heart rate information to any smart tv. Workouts are designed by you with the equipment YOU already have. Get something new? Expand your library to include your new fitness equipment.

Workout At A Gym

Take TOD to your favorite neighborhood gym. Just select the Any Gym option and select the equipment that you have available to create workouts made for you and your goals.

Workout Outdoors

Workout Outdoors

Were you born to run? or cycle? or hike? Those calories count toward your fitness goals too. Use your heart rate monitor and app anywhere you are active. Fitness is not just an indoor activity.


ACTIVE Calories

FITNESS Milestones

Fully Customizable


Know Your Burn

Understand Intensity

Take it With You


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  • Last 7 Days Status Reports
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  • All BASIC plan features
  • Trainer On Demand
  • Workout Library
  • Fitness Milestones
  • Leaderboards
  • Status Reports


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99 Month
  • All BASIC plan features
  • Trainer On Demand
  • Workout Library
  • Fitness Milestones
  • Leaderboards
  • Status Reports

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JAMWORKOUT Complete Fitness Solutions


Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor

Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor With 12 Months Of JAMWORKOUT App Premium Subscription

The most accurate style of HRM. Our preferred monitor for strength training.

$ 49.99 value $190
  • 12 Months Premium app Access
  • Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Preset Workouts
  • Facebook Private Group
  • Coaching Support (value $120)


Arm Band Heart Rate Monitor

Arm Band Heart Rate Monitor With 12 Months Of JAMWORKOUT App Premium Subscription

The most comfortable style of HRM. Our preferred monitor for cardio training.

$ 69.99 value $215
  • 12 Months Premium app Access
  • Armband Heart Rate Monitor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Preset Workouts
  • Facebook Private Group
  • Coaching Support (value $140)

Best of Both Worlds

Arm Band & Chest Strap USA

Arm Band And Chest Strap Combo With 12 Months Of Premium Subscription

The best of both worlds. Chest for accuracy. Arm for comfort. Always have a spare.

$ 99.99 value $265
  • 12 Months Premium app Access
  • Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor
  • Armband Heart Rate Monitor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Preset Workouts
  • Facebook Private Group
  • Coaching Support (value $240)


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