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Lost: 40 lbs

Works Out: 5-6 days a week

Favorite Part: I love the flexibility JAM provides with my schedule.Prior to JAM, I never knew what to do in the gym other than cardio. Now, I just swipe my band and it shows me exactly what exercises to do. 


Lost: 115 lbs

Works Out: 6 days a week

Favorite Part: It starts with the numbers. I know if I burn 800-1,000 calories any given day, without measuring anything then I’ve started my day in the postive on the fitness spectrum. I know that’s a very broad outlook to start with, but it’s the small wins that can help lead to others that are a great starting point. From there, I feel JAM has helped me limit the liability of allowing myself to make excuses to not sustain a plan. For example, it is easy to walk into a gym without focus and not achieve gains if you don’t know on that given day exactly what you plan to do. 



Works Out: 6-7 days a week

Favorite Part: The way workout is customized to individual with no commitment to scheduled class time. it is your workout, your time, your goals monitored by a coach.
I have tried all workouts, diet plans name it I have done it. This is the longest I have been with a gym. What keeps me going is that this is not a monotonous workout, it is refreshing , exciting and some new challenge to look forward to.


Lost: 27 lbs

Works Out: 6-7 days a week

Favorite Part: I love that there are no class times to get to. I also love that I can just come to the gym, swipe my JAM band, and not think about what I have to do. On a recent trip to NY, I went to a regular gym and wandered around not sure what I needed to do and how to do it.


Lost: 25 lbs 7% body fat

Works Out: 5 days a week

Favorite Part:  I like the unique and customizable workout programs that are catered to your personal fitness goals. I also like how the software creates the feeling of having a personal trainer with me whenever I am working out.


Lost: 15 lbs 6% Bodyfat

Works Out: 4-5 days a week

Favorite Part: The workouts are customized to individuals with no commitment to scheduled class time. It is your workout, at your time, your goals. You can come whenever is convenient to you and its your goal – you get out of it, what you put into it. 


Lost: 66 lbs

Works Out: 4+ days a week

Favorite Part: I love the structure and workout guidance. I can show up any day, any time and always know that I will monitored and guided through my workout. I get instant feedback during my workout showing my heart rate and calories burned and I receive my workout results by email at workout completion. 


Lost: 45 lbs

Works Out: 3-4 days a week

Favorite Part: I love that I can go anytime I want. I had joined a gym in the past but it was always crowded and I had no idea what to do, But at JAM I swipe my band and I know excatly what to do. It’s not the same workout everyday, I like how the workouts changes everyday/every week. Not the same old stuff everyday.