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We designed things so that your equipment selection can grow over time for variety, but you can start with bodyweight. We recommend small purchases along the way like a jump rope, mat, a pair of dumbbells. Your consistency matters more than equipment.

Yes, you certainly can! Our system is designed to work for anyone.  You can do as little as 15-20 mins and see results if you are consistent.

In order to know your true data, we do recommend using a heart rate monitor.  It makes things fun, and allows you to participate in the leaderboards.  And data can be a valuable tool if you are trying to make a change.

We do 3 things that personalize your experience like no other app out there.

Active calories

Active calories are the ones that will help you make a change, this means calories above your Basal Metabolic Rate. That is why for our purposes we count only the calories above 60% as active.


Every workout can be edited with equipment or exercises. This is not a cookie-cutter program designed to make everyone do the same workout. Your workouts fit you.

Fitness Milestones

Fitness Milestones help see small victories for yourself like being faster, stronger, with better endurances. Seeing improvements will keep you motivated when the scale won’t budge. Then (if you want), see how you compare against others and challenge yourself to go further.

You will receive a complete schedule for workouts and milestones to keep you consistent and seeing progress weekly. This keeps you engaged and aware of every improvement you earn.

Women and Men from any fitness level can take part in this program. We meet you where you’re at and build on your fitness potential.

No, we have a community online using the app for workouts, milestones and calorie burn. We encourage you to try to grab a friend to do this also even if they don’t live by you!

Our virtual coaching session can be used to modify your workouts to fit your specific needs, including prior injuries.

Cancelling is easy.  You can cancel subscription from the app itself.

*Requires 30 day notice.

Trainer On Demand

Use what you have.  When you do the initial setup,  you will select the equipment you have.  Those are the only videos that will be  available.

We are designed to fit in any size or style location, and will work with you to determine what suits your situation best.

How you add on the service or charge is totally up to you. We provide guidelines to help but this is your business.  You set your pricing.

Although safe for most anyone 13-80, we recommend anyone under 16 be accompanied by a parent. Older adults may want to exercise caution during unstaffed gym hours.

There are more than 1000 exercises in our data base, and 100 preloaded workouts.  Members are encouraged to create their own workouts or edit the ones we provide to make custom tailored workouts based on their fitness. gender, and endurance.

Member Resources

Member Resources

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JAM PLAN Resources

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Set Your Preferences

Set Your Preferences

When you first log in to the app, it will take you to the profile completion section. Please make certain that your weight and height are correct as these will influence the heart rate/calorie data. You will also choose how many times/ week you will workout and your fitness level. We recommend that everyone start as a beginner- at least for the first workout.


Connect A Heart Rate Monitor

Connect A Heart Rate Monitor

1) Enable bluetooth on your phone

2) Put on your heart rate monitor. It should be touching your skin (not over a shirt). If you have an arm band monitor, be sure to turn it on.

3) In the app, navigate to the home screen, sensor icon, add ( +) new device. The app will locate any nearby compatible devices,


Sets and Reps

Sets and Reps

The default for sets and reps is 2 sets of 10 repetitions (reps). This can be changed by going to Settings in your app, and then preferences. But as a general recommendation, do as many as you can in the time alotted.


I cannot do an exercise

I cannot do an exercise

First, don’t worry. Our system is completely customizable. You can fast forward or skip during the workout or choose to do another exercise that you know. Just keep moving.

After you are done, access our back office ( this will be in the app soon) at, and you can change your workouts or individual exercises.


Issues with Heart Rate Monitor

Issues with Heart Rate Monitor

There are a few reasons why your heart rate monitor might not be working. The most common is a dead battery. Hot weather, not detaching the pod from the strap, and being left in a cold car may all contribute to quicker battery death.

We recommend having a replacement battery on hand (CR2032) for those instances.
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What is the "Active Calories" notice about?

Active Calories versus Total Calories

You burn calories constantly. But when you work out, you are most interested in the calories ABOVE your normal metabolic rate. This is why for the purpose of our leaderboards, JAMWORKOUT chooses to only count calories above 60% of Max Heart Rate- the actual working calories. You can see your total calories in the app as well as your summary email.


Your First Workout

Set Your Preferences

You are in control Choose your equipment, workout style, fitness level to create a customized workout just for you- wherever you are.


Exploring the App

There is much to see and more to come

JAMWORKOUT’s app tutorial will take you from Novice User to True Expert in no time. Check it out.


Workout At Home- Casting to your TV

Workout At Home-Casting

Workout at home by casting your videos and heart rate information to any smart tv. Use a smart tv, or apple tv, chrome cast or fire stick. Need more instructions?


There is no Sound/ Music

Workout At Home

Everyone has their own rhythm and listening to an over-caffeinated cheerleader saying the same thing over and over gets tedious. We designed our app without sound so that you can play the music that inspires YOU to MOVE (Use Alexa, Echo or an old fashioned stereo). So crank up your tunes and Let’s JAM!!


Replacement Batteries

Replacement Batteries

The Armband style of HRM is rechargeable. However, if you are using the chest monitor, you will likely have an occasion to change the batteries. These can be purchased at any national retailer or via Amazon. CR2032 is the size/model of battery needed.


How Do I Record My Stats?

Record Your Stats

Use the app to store your stats: weight, bodyfat, height and start points for your fitness milestones. We will track and show you changes over time. Fitness goes beyond the scale.


At Home

Workout At Home

Workout at home by casting your videos and heart rate information to any smart tv. Workouts are designed by you with the equipment YOU already have. Get something new? Expand your library to include your new fitness equipment.


At Any Gym

Workout At A Gym

Take TOD to your favorite neighborhood gym. Just select the Any Gym option and select the equipment that you have available to create workouts made for you and your goals.


At Outdoors

Workout Outdoors

Were you born to run? or cycle? or hike? Those calories count toward your fitness goals too. Use your heart rate monitor and app anywhere you are active. Fitness is not just an indoor activity.


Not only on your phone, JAMWORKOUT can be found in gyms, studios, bootcamps, chiropractic and doctors' offices, apartments and condos.


We want to hear from you. Questions, feedback, anything.



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