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For your relationship or as a gift for someone you care about.


Healthy x 4 Workbook

Align Family, Fitness, Finances and Faith Your Way

Don’t wish for the life you want – build it! 

Essential guide to becoming synergetic in life with your partner

    • Simple easy-to-read e-Book

    • Practical step-by-step actions

    • Examples from our lives

    • Printable worksheets 

    • You’ll wish you had this YEARS ago

WHAT EVERY Relationship NEEDS  is a how-to guide filled with insights, instructions, resources and practical action steps that will empower you to take control of your life. 



The Cornerstone of All We Do

Whether your family is a four, two or a twelve, your primary relationships will always need dedicated focus.

Make your FAMILY relationships the key to giving and receiving love, respect, and fulfillment.

As an Individual

As a Partner

As a Parent

As a Child (of Aging Parents)

As a Family

As a Legacy


Without health, nothing else matters.

Early on we decided that being active and fit was going to be a lifestyle on how we raised our children . Discuss  obstacles that prevent you from maximizing your best health ever.

As an Individual

As a Couple

As a Parent

Metrics help set definitive goals, which is why we both use heart rate monitors and JAMWORKOUT to track what we do. Milestones, overall calories, our weight and body fat are all stored for us


Money -Far Easier to Live With than Without

How are we managing money? If we do not have much savings, what are we currently spending the most money on? Why? How can we change this ? 

Minimize money problems and gain the freedom that comes from managing your FINANCES with confidence and purpose.

Budget Breakdowns

Budget Conversations

Financial Stress

Game Plan for the Year

How intentional are you being as a family about managing your money?


A Purpose for Being Here

We believe embracing faith is a lifestyle, not just an occasional activity. Our beliefs shape our values and how

we connect with others. Whether you attend church, a synagogue, mosque or ashram

As an individual

As a couple

As a family

As a parent

Whether you’re just starting out as a couple, a married person with a family, or just looking to fulfill your potential with your partner, this book will equip you with proven strategies to communicate on a deeper level and be more successful.

Are you ready for a



Save 50%

with Coupon code: BlackFriday


Regular Price $7.99

Release date 12/1/2021

A Way to Give Back-

We will give $1 from every sale of this workbook to the truly special people at www.justrightlivingbrevard.info. Coach Joe and his team are inspiring and doing so much to support the special needs community in South Florida. Donating to this cause is both an extension of our faith AND of our commitment to fitness.  We are honored to help.