Hybrid Fitness Boot Camp Solution

Become a Hybrid Fitness Boot Camp Solution

Fitness Boot Camp Heart Rate Monitoring

Hybrid Fitness is the new normal

The world is going hybrid. Cars, workplaces, cultures, and everything around us now come with a hybrid twist and the latest addition to the list – Hybrid Fitness Boot Camp. JAMWORKOUT has created an innovative hybrid workout solution. The JAMWORKOUT heart rate monitor tracking works in your Boot Camp with TV display and outside the camp with your very own branded fitness app.

Increase Engagement Outside Boot Camp

This affordable and seamless application from JAMWORKOUT redefines hybrid Boot Camps with community engagement inside and outside. Evolving work cultures and lifestyles have stopped people from showing up at the club or gym consistently. Keep Bootcampers connected no matter where they are.

Fitness Boot Camp Member Engagement
Increase your fitness club business in Tennessee

Add a Unique Selling Proposition

We created a USP that helps members see more value in a healthier life through a more interactive Fitness Boot Camp community. This ecosystem helps track and analyze a individuals active calories, fitness milestones, home workouts and allows the Bootcamper to compare themselves with fellow Bootcampers.

Evolve Fitness Milestones with technology

Hybrid Fitness Boot Camp has an innovative assessment system where the fitness consumers stay motivated with strength and cardio testing. They stay connected by seeing results beyond the scale with fellow Bootcampers. In short, we will take your Fitness Boot Camp to the virtual world for accountability and community.

Fitness milestones for health clubs in South Carolina
Hybrid fitness boot camp in Georgia

Stay connected with Hybrid Fitness Boot Camp

JAMWORKOUT provides options for your members to workout outside or at home when they can’t make a live Fitness Boot Camp. All calories and workouts still count in your community to create hybrid offerings. We created a tech side to your club that FITS your philosophy and budget. Work with us to embrace technology in your hybrid boot camp philosophy. This can and will be a game changer for you and your members inside and outside your four walls. We give you systems and support not just the technology.

Strategize for a Hybrid Fitness Boot Camp

Forget huge investments – JAMWORKOUT provides options to create hybrid offerings inside your club. Choose one or combine them to create a tech side to your club that FITS your philosophy and budget.

Health club business strategies

What we offer

  • Keep Members Focused on Active Calories (over 60% MHR)
  • Add an additional revenue stream, and value add proposition with 2 styles of heart rate monitors.
  • Branded with your logo.
  • Leaderboards to inspire gamification of fitness- and encourage friendly competition.
  • Multiple settings and defaults to suit you and your members best.
  • Your logo featured prominently.
  • Take anywhere heart rate monitoring.
  • Keep members engaged even when they work out at home or outdoors.
  • Extend your club beyond its 4 walls.
  • Additional revenue options for you: heart rate monitor sales, app surcharge.
  • Easy to incorporate into your fitness consult/assessment.
  • Milestones that illustrate success when the scale will not budge.
  • Defaults for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced exercisers
  • Improved metrics for every member- trackable through the app and leaderboards.
  • Users choose the equipment they have to create and edit workouts that fit their level of fitness.
  • Templates anyone can modify.
  • Tied to heart rate monitoring.
  • Keep members engaged even when they work out at home.
  • Extend your club beyond its 4 walls.
  • 1300+ exercise videos with instructions to choose from.


Boot Camp clubs are positioned perfectly to become the hybrid model with coaching, community and technology.

We integrate into your sales process, member onboarding to really embrace this as a philosophy

Now, the emerging hybrid solution is here and it adds huge value to your Boot Camp.

What are you waiting for?

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Make 2022 Your Best Ever!
Your Philosophy
Your Branding
White -labeled to Showcase YOUR Facility
Your Workouts
Create workouts and defaults the way YOU and YOUR Team want them.
Your Milestones
Use Ours or Create Your OWN to Show Fitness Beyond the Scale
You Make the $
Not just another expense. Wholesale Heart rate monitors give YOU a way to Make Money
Low Cost Implementation
Easy to Install- Easy to Afford
End to End Support
From a dedicated coach who has been where you are- as an owner, manager or trainer.
Marketing Materials and Best Practices
That make YOUR Business the Star!
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Data Opens Their Eyes

Heart Rate Based

Using heart rate data and calorie calculations creates an awareness of how calories burned compare to calories consumed.
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Personalized for Your Club

Branded for You

Your logo, your philosophy, your equipment - YOUR WAY! We provide the framework- you make it your own-WITHOUT THE HUGE INVESTMENT.

Enhance Your Club Culture

Leaderboards-Because All Calories Matter

Gamify your fitness and encourage a little healthy competition through leaderboards. Members can see how they compare to others in your club and around the globe- and be inspired to reach the next level.

Results Make Members Stay

Customized Milestones

Retain members by showing them that their fitness is changing beyond the scale. Use Milestones to illustrate strength and cardiovascular gains and how they compare to others their age and gender.
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Provide Training 24/7

(In Club or At Home)


Provide your members with customized training guidance 24/7. Use alone or supplement your current small group program to expand your offerings- at home or at your club.
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Additional Revenue/Retention

More Revenue per Member

Make more money per member by offering heart rate monitors at point of sale. Just think, over 128M people use Fitbit and Apple- or only 1.7% of the population. And the market is GROWING!

A message from Mike...

Listen as  our CEO Mike “JAM” Prosnick shows you how we can increase your sales per member, your overall conversion, your retention WITHOUT adding staff, payroll, OR  a huge initial investment.