5 Things to Consider Before Adding Technology to Your Gym, Health Club, Boot Camp or Fitness Center

5 Things to Consider Before Adding Technology to Your Gym, Health Club, Boot Camp or Fitness Center 

We live in an ever-increasingly, tech-savvy world.  The fitness industry is no exception, and everyone is attempting to capitalize.  Even though we know that the best results are found when people have access to gyms and carve that time out for themselves, modern lives change rapidly.  Events can instantly morph the market.  And at-home options for fitness are everywhere.  How do you compete? If you are like many small gym owners, you might be looking to add technology to your gym, health club, fitness boot camp or fitness center in the form of a branded app , heart rate system , group fitness activity tracker, team training or workout scheduler. Here are five things to consider: 1) Cost per Member Gyms, boot camps and health clubs are not known for having exceptionally high-profit margins.  In fact, most of us are looking for ways to bring in additional sources of revenue with things like training, group fitness, and supplements.  We are not looking to greatly increase our cost of doing business.  If you are considering adding an app or heart rate monitoring tech to your business, consider what your monthly cost per member will be, what your initial financial investment will be, and how much the equipment will cost. 2) Pricing How much of that cost are you able to pass on to your member without losing your ability to compete in your market?  Cost matters.  By adding technology to your gym, Boot Camp, or health club, you will offer something that sets you apart from your competitors but will not […]

Fit Your Body with Our Fitness Device

How are wearables changing the workout world?

We live in a world where everything around us is getting tech-driven. In other words, technology has become the driving force in our lives. The fitness world is not away from the tech-driven changes. And considering the innovations in workouts, wearables are the new cool thing. As the name suggests, wearables are devices that can be worn while you work out. The wearables collect data from your workout sessions to help you analyze yourself better. Revolutionizing workouts As tech dominated the world and every industry possible, the fitness world also went with the flow. As passionate fitness advisors, we at JAMWORKOUT strongly believe tech is here for good. With our experience over the years, we know tech-driven made fitness easier & more accessible. Wearables from JAMWORKOUT We understand how fast the world is changing. How fast technology is driving our lifestyle. Things will ever evolve. JAMWORKOUT has no intention to step back from our mission to make the world healthier. Analyzing the practice and applications of technology in this new world,  we hit the market with a very innovative product. A virtual trainer, to be precise. JAMWORKOUT has introduced services and products such as workout wearables and an App. An app that can act as your virtual trainer. The JAMWORKOUT App helps you find the most optimized workouts concerning age, gender, and choices. The virtual trainer is equipped to guide you through this journey with 1300+ workout videos.  We are knowingly or unknowingly ruining our fitness in the name of convenience. But the innovative minds at JAMWORKOUT have come up […]

Personalized Workouts

Personalize your Fitness is the best way to achieve your goal

Starting a fitness journey is not an easy target when considering your busy life. No matter if you’re a beginner or not – it’s not easy. Having a plan is the best way to achieve your goal. Working out without any help looks pretty confusing, even if you have a trainer or go to the gym. Working out won’t be easy for you according to your busy timings. You will also find several videos on YouTube and still cannot figure it out yourself. Even if you follow the videos that are available online, you may not see changes in your body. Choosing a customized regimen that matches your body would be best to see the changes. JAMWORKOUT is the best option to help you according to your timeline and the perfect routine. How to choose your regimen? The first thing to concentrate on is understanding your body and fitness goal. It will be easy to select a plan if these two are known. We JAMWORKOUT have designed the most accurate fitness tracker to help you understand your body better and redesign your workout regime. We have workouts specially designed according to your body type and time availability. When starting the regimen, understand you should be consistent according to our steps, and you could easily track your growth with JAMWORKOUT devices. We have the best virtual trainer on demand program and we help you know your body and help figure out the workout plan. So, the only thing you have to keep in mind is understanding everything and following them according […]


Why is “trainer-on-demand” the best workout solution?

Fitness is the key to a healthy life. It is necessary to include exercises as a routine in everyone’s life. Today’s lifestyle has changed a lot compared to the old. Health concerns have rapidly increased due to idle sitting at work, food, and other factors. When considering the world health data, the number of people who work out daily has fewer health issues. So having a lifestyle that gives you balance is very important to maintain your body and health.  As the lifestyle has created a gap between your fitness goal and work-life, it will be challenging to maintain proper care for the body. We developed the JAMWORKOUT app and wearables with you in mind. With JAMWORKOUT products –  JAMWORKOUT Fitness App JAMWORKOUT Arm Band Heart Rate Monitor JAMWORKOUT Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor you can establish the routine you have always dreamed of. How does your lifestyle impact your days? And how can we help? Finding a fitness trainer and finding a proper gym according to your daily activities is complex, leading to several confusions. End of the day, you keep your fitness regimen in your backpack. The busy life will also be indulging in your life; you will be decorated with your work, maybe the mommy life is impacting your fitness dream. We understand your struggle, and we bring out the best through this app. We help you Track your workout habits Adjust or re-manage workouts according to your convenience. Anywhere Anytime Schedule It will be challenging to find a perfect time to work out in the present […]

Nutrition 101

The Beginner’s Guide to Nutrition Low fat, no fat, no carb, Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, SlimFast, Cabbage Soup.  You cannot be an adult in America without having been exposed to dozens of diets from faddish to Dr. recommended to dogmatic. But let’s be honest…..DIETS don’t really work.  Sure, they may work for a time, but eventually they all quit working. So let’s take a break from using the term “diet”, and talk about eating strategies.  These are my simple eating strategies to develop proper health, lose body fat, gain muscle and overall look better naked. #1 Cut out processed foods.  Simply put, if it comes wrapped in cellophane or plastic, or has a shelf life over 2 weeks….probably not a good idea.  Additionally, if you cannot pronounce it, you should not eat or drink it.                FOCUS on FRESH….ORGANIC if possible, and LOCAL.                Note: With chemicals, if our bodies do not know what to do with a substance, it wraps the unknown in a glob of fat and stores it.  This is also why you occasionally get flu like symptoms when losing large quantities of weight. #2 Drink water.  Dehydration often masquerades as hunger. Drink water within minutes of waking up to spark your metabolism.                Avoid fluorinated water if possible.  Fluorine over exposure may be responsible for several health issues.  Bottled water, preferably spring water is your best bet. (Dasani has fluorine.)                Note: To determine whether you are hungry or not, do the apple test.  If you would happily eat an apple, you […]

Stretching- Why you should

No doubt you know the benefits if exercise or you would not be reading this. But if you want exercise to keep you moving like you did when you were a kid- you must stretch. You see, exercise does a great job of increasing blood flow, building muscle and burning calories. But stretching is what we do for the connective tissue to keep it healthy and strong. AN ALARMING FACTFor most of us our flexibility will diminish by more than 50% as we age. Yikes! This means your gait will likely get shorter, your posture will suffer, and simple movements will become more difficult- like putting on your shoes or picking things up off the ground. But does it have to happen? WHY YOU BECOME LESS FLEXIBLE  When you have been on this planet for more than a couple of decades, you begin to see the results of muscle imbalances, overuse, faulty movement patterns and injuries in your flexibility. In fact, all of these things can cause muscles to tighten and become resistant to what you probably think of as normal movement- walking, stooping and bending. Because it becomes more difficult, we tend to avoid those motions that cause us trouble. But as they say- if you don’t use it- you lose it. THIS IS PARTICULARLY TRUE WITH FLEXIBILITY. As we limit movement our bodies no longer sense the need to preserve the ability to stretch. Tendons and ligaments stiffen and the collagen that they are made of deteriorates. Without challenges to this connective tissue, there is no need for […]



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