Imagine a Fitness App that gives you real time feedback, workouts, AND tracks your Fitness Challenge progress

Why Isn’t My Smartwatch Making Me Fit?

(aka. Why We Only Count Active Calories)

  • Resting Metabolic Rate doesn’t change much. 
  • Intensity Matters and is subjective.
  • Wearing a wearable 24/7 is like wearing a seatbelt outside of the car.
  • Clapping is not a good way to burn calories.
  • 10000 Steps is a made-up metric.
  • Everyone wants to win. You don’t get a participation trophy for life.

Whether you are making a lifestyle change or doing a fitness challenge, ACTIVE CALORIES MATTER because they are the ones in your CONTROL. Active calories, the ones over 60% of your maximum heart rate (MHR) mean that you are burning at an accelerated rate.  It doesn’t matter the zone.  This means when you put on your heart rate monitor and start tracking- it is TIME TO BURN.  Then when you are done, you can check your standings via the community leaderboard with others like you who are PUTTING IN THE EFFORT to change.

Heart Rate Monitor

  • Wear your heart rate monitor for every workout.
  • Indoor and outdoor, gym or home.
  • Chest monitors are the most accurate.
Arm Band for Heart Rate Monitoring

Instant Feedback

See your real-time heart rate and calorie burn during every workout. After you finish, your workout report- gives you all your data BY ZONE. It does not matter what the activity. As long as you are over 60% of your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), you are burning at an accelerated rate- and THOSE CALORIES MATTER.

Active Calories Matter

Just the Sandwich, Please

You just burned 400 calories. Did you just do that workout for nothing? Maybe. Even the “best” fast food meals are typically 1000 calories or more. An hour of hard training might not cover it. Don’t deprive yourself- skip the fries; drink water and downsize those calories.

But Did You Die Though?

Keep your eyes on your heart rate. Your body will fight change by telling you working harder is impossible, and you might believe it- UNTIL you see your heart rate is just 65% or 75%. The KEY to success- Stay consistent and keep those calories in the active zones- whether you are doing strength or cardio training.

Fitness Milestones

  • Start your fitness journey with strength and cardio testing.
  • Measure improvements by doing a retest in 30 days.
  • Check your last results before retesting.
  • 3 levels to progress through.
  • See your personal progress and compare with others.
Fitness Challenge

Focus on Small Changes

Get a few seconds faster; hold a few seconds longer; be a little stronger. Small improvements add up over time with milestones. Focus on the little things and the bigger goals happen. Take the beginner milestone test as your 1st workout as a baseline. Test again 30 days later and surprise yourself!

Fitness Challenge

3 Progressive Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced You can measure strength, cardio, and stamina increases. Store all of your results in the app under milestones. Compare to your last test to see how you improve monthly. Make Yourself Proud!

Fitness leaderboard

Leaderboards to Motivate

Compare yourself with people from around the country who are your age and gender and JUST ahead of you on the leaderboard. Know their number and challenge yourself to beat them when you test. Climb the leaderboard one more second or rep at a time. Prove to yourself that you are better, stronger, and faster.

Trainer On Demand (TOD)

  • A 24-Hour Trainer in Your Pocket.
  • Preset gender and fitness level specific workouts.
  • Get started easily -don’t think- just do
  • Customize. Change exercises/equipment you don’t like with some of our 1300 videos.
  • Own your workouts on your terms.
More than 1300 Exercises

An App That Grows With You

Start with the preset workouts for your gender and level of fitness- then CUSTOMIZE. With more than 1300 professionally cued and filmed exercise videos in our database, you are guaranteed to find exercises that you like. Coaching cues give you tips, tricks, and direction to do every exercise.

Own Your Workouts

Own Your Workouts

No cookie-cutter workouts here. Use our huge database of equipment and exercises to customize your workouts over time or even create entirely new workouts of your own. Easy to change on the spot. Warm up with cardio and transition right into your TOD workout.

Work with a heart rate monitor

Designed for Heart Rate Monitoring

TOD was created to work with a heart rate monitor, so you see your real-time ACTIVE calorie burn which is an eye-opener. Pairing that SIMPLE DATA with STRUCTURE creates consistency and CONSISTENCY is what gets RESULTS.

One App to Do It ALL

  • Track Heart Rate & Active Calories
  • Global Leaderboards


Workout At Home

Workout At Home

Cast your videos and heart rate information to any smart tv. Workouts are designed by you with the equipment YOU already have. Get something new? Expand your library to include your new fitness equipment.

Workout At A Gym

Take TOD to your favorite neighborhood gym. Just select the Any Gym option and select the equipment that you have available to create workouts made for you and your goals..

Workout Outdoors

Workout Outdoors

Were you born to run? or cycle? or hike? Those calories count toward your fitness goals too. Use your heart rate monitor and app anywhere you are active. Fitness is not just an indoor activity.

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