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Get to Know Your Heart Rate Monitor

What is heart rate training?

Heart rate training is using the heart rate during exercise to measure intensity and estimate caloric burn.

How does heart rate training work?

Using a monitor strapped to the chest, the heart rate is measured and relayed to a software program where calculations are done based age, gender and weight.

Why you should use heart rate training?

For ease and practicality, heart rate training is a good choice for measuring intensity and estimating caloric burn during exercise.  By paying attention to things like intensity and perceived effort, it is relatively easy to notice adaptive responses to exercise and change programming, modality, intensity or loads to create effective changes and continue results

What HR Zone should I target?

For maximum results, look to attain an orange zone within 5-7 minutes of starting your  workout.

How do I wear my strap?

The strap must be flat all the way around your torso and the monitor must be right side up. You must find the sweet spot for your monitor out of 3 places. For some, it is just left of center. For others, it is the center.  Some even find success on the left side of the body under arm pit.

Troubleshooting your strap:

Ways to increase conductivity- Use water or aloe vera gel on the connectors to increase connectivity.

Try not to have your strap beneath the elastic on your sports bra.  This stops the monitor pod from registering the heartbeat.

Why a chest strap over a wrist device?

For us it boils down to accuracy.  A chest strap is decided more accurate due to the optical reader on the wrist strap being easily fooled by movement that allows light.  Additionally, since the radial pulse is measured with a wrist device and it is further from the heart, the recorded heart rate is also affected.

A quick video about your HRMonitor

For activities outside the gym

Wear your heart rate monitor during any and all activities, whether playing tennis, basketball, hiking or biking.

What about batteries?

Batteries will occasionally need to be changed (C4530 button cell)

How do I care for my HRM?

Your strap must be cleaned regularly (briefly in soapy water and rinsed thoroughly in cold water) not the monitor pod. DO NOT store with pod attached to the strap, this will zap your battery.