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Our Difference is a COMPLETE OnDemand System

JAMWORKOUT was designed with clubs, members, and owners in mind, so that any gym can use and be successful.

We recognized a need, we BUILT the solution.

We know:

  • Engaged members stay.
  • People need guidance, if not training.
  • Doing the same thing every day gets boring and produces fewer results over time.

Our Focus is SUCCESS

Member Success


Numbers don’t lie. Neither do success stories.  We have built a collection of  JAMWORKOUT user success stories that will inspire members from any walk of life.


Business Success


It begins with you and your staff buying into the JAMWORKOUT philosophy.  Proper training and education can mean the difference between success and failure. Our online training portal comes complete with videos, documents, printouts, posters and quizzes to ensure that your staff backs your play.




Our Philosophy is SUCCESS Through a Process


Guidance and detailed instruction from initial commitment through launch.

  • Club & Equipment Review and Planning
  • Determine needs (Lanes, Equipment, Monitors)
  • 3D Design of your club with JAMWORKOUT technology
  • Launch (Support and Planning)
Sales Process

The key to success is a process that outlines expectations and creates a unique selling proposition.

  • Tour Script
  • Quiz
  • Marketing
  • Member Onboarding

Our marketing center provides materials to educate your members, boost your sales, and increase usage.

  • Before After Photos
  • Promotions
  • Educational Printables
  • Challenges

We provide specific, measurable monthly club vitals that allow you to focus on the right things to get better results and bigger profits.

  • Prospects
  • New Sales  
  • Usage
  • Assessments
Unparalelled Support

Our team is committed to your ongoing success, we will meet with you at your request to review:


  • Club vitals
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Technical support

    What a Workout Looks Like on JAMWORKOUT

    Our People Say It BEST

    "I love the flexibility of going when I am able to and still getting a full workout. I also love that there is virtual guidance at each point of the circuit."