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What to Expect

JAMWORKOUT allows you to set goals and personalize your workouts. Right now, let’s set some expectations.

The first is- this may feel awkward in the beginning. In fact, it will likely take 3 times before you really settle in.

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Exploring the App- A Tutorial

Think of this as a workout for your thumbs that you do from your sofa.

Click buttons-Get set up for success.

Milestones- Fitness Beyond the Scale

Being fit should never equate to being a certain weight.

Getting stronger, faster, leaner, gaining endurance- all of these together =Fitness. So why limit your measure to only the scale?

Pair Your Heart Rate Monitor

1- Enable Bluetooth on your phone

2- Put on your heart rate monitor. It should be touching your skin. If you have an armband monitor, be sure to turn it on.

3- In the app, “Workout Now” – Cardio Only.


Technology driven fitness solutions

Entering Your Fitness Milestones

Entering your data is easy. Check out this quick video and see how.

Finding Your Fitness Anywhere

Check out this quick video on how to change locations and JAM wherever you are!!

Casting for Home Use

Create the best experience when you workout at home.

Cast JAMWORKOUT to your smart TV or use Chromecast, Apple TV, FireStick. Roku.

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1st Workout Check List

1- Ready to cast?

2- Heart rate monitor paired with phone?

3-Print schedule and know the milestones- what, how, and why?

4- In the App, Workout Now, Cardio Only-Other “Milestones”


Stop consuming calories after dinner. It IS that simple. Combined with the extra calories you burn, those skipped (and typically empty) calories will help you see results quicker.

Make TOD your Trainer

Choose your location-(home, gym)
Settings- preferences- interval 10 min
Connect HRM
Workout Now- Play
Watch both videos- 2 sets 10 reps
Finish and hit next.

Weighing In- and How

Log your weight on Friday. In the app- track in hamburger menu- My Account- Assessments.

Check your weight again Monday to see what the weekend did to sabotage your results. No need to log this one.


Edit Your Workouts

Watch a quick video on how to edit your workouts in our admin system

This will be moving to the app soon.

Reorder or Delete Workouts

Another quick video -Reordering your workouts or deleting a workout.

Create a Custom Workout

Custom workouts can be trickier until you get the hang of them. Here’s a short video to show you how.

Your Music JAMS

Everyone has their own rhythm and listening to an over-caffeinated cheerleader saying the same thing over and over gets tedious. We designed our app without sound so that you can play the music that inspires YOU to MOVE (Use Alexa, Echo or an old fashioned stereo). So crank up your tunes and Let’s JAM!!



Why you should bookend your day with WATER

2 glasses of water in a.m. helps activate internal organs.
1 glass of water before bed helps prevent stroke or heart attack

Tracking Calories while Eating for Taste

The challenge that most people have when attempting a new diet is that it does not match their culture, lifestyle or taste. This is why we believe, first you determine how many calories you eat, then you make small changes to create results.

Revisiting Past Milestones

Don’t be afraid to return to previous milestones after you have moved up. You will see your results skyrocket.


Don’t neglect your sleep- it is critical to continued healthy weight loss. Here are some tips.


Arm Band heart rate monitor for men

Heart Rate Monitor is not connecting

The issue we see most often is my heart rate monitor is not working. Primary cause- battery. Watch this video to see the proper wear and care of your hrm.

My club offered me a coupon. How do I use it?

Please watch the quick video about how to redeem your coupon.

The info I see is not what I am expecting

Occasionally, you may see info that does not seem right- maybe you burned much more or less than you thought. Make sure that your profile stats like weight, height, and age are correct. Review your workout summary to see your zones and the number of active minutes. Remember active calories will count differently.

Your Feedback

We LOVE Feedback. Please, if you have a question, concern or comment- Reach out!


Your Daily Intake- Calorie Target

80-90% of your results will be determined by your nutrition and calorie intake.

It can be shocking. Do you know how many you eat every day?

Find out by using a tracking app like MyFitnessPal.

Adding More Equipment

JAMWORKOUT is scalable so that when you add equipment, your workouts can grow with you. Start with bodyweight and a set of dumbbells, but when you get new fitness stuff, only a few clicks adds exercises to your library.

Best fitness goals

A Fitness Lifestyle You CAN Do

So many of us start so inspired to make a change but around day 12, we determine it is too tough and we are done. Make this time the last time. By making changes slowly, focusing on milestones, and tackling one hurdle at a time, you CAN reach your goals.

Measuring Bodyfat at Home

Maybe you have a fancy scale or a handheld device, but if you don’t, you can get your bodyfat at home, the way the Navy does- with only a tape measure and an online calculator.

The NEXT Level

Most apps stall when you have achieved your goals or when you plateau. Our customizable, personalized programming can get you through a plateau and will never top out your results.

Make Better Food Choices

Small changes, better choices. There is no need to jump headlong into a restrictive diet.

Step 1 Know what you eat

Step 2 Make smart substitutions.

Step 3 Keep dialing in with macros

Exploring Diet Fads

Paleo, vegan, carnivore, green whatever diet fad has your attention, we will break down the pros, the cons and the results.

Keeping Up with Milestones

Redo your milestones every 2 weeks at minimum after at least one rest day.

Record your results here.

Technology driven fitness solutions

Active versus Inactive Calories

Every minute of your life, you are burning calories. That is your basal metabolic rate- the energy needed to survive. But the change comes outside of BMR- when you are working at an activity that speeds up your metabolism and burns more calories- Active Calories.

Fitness solutions for Gyms & Clubs

Using Personalized Workouts

Set interval Preferences to 10 minutes. The default is 2 sets of 10 reps.

Rest as needed. Done early? Fast forward and move on.


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Everyone Benefits from Coaching

Even elite athletes use coaches for technique, plans and advice. With JAMWORKOUT you can too.

Choose 3 or 4 coaching sessions to help you accomplish your personal fitness goals.

Want More Programming

Have an experienced trainer create 3 workouts for you. Includes a short online meeting to determine your goals, equipment and any injuries or limitations.

Quick Quiz- See what you know

It is not about pass or fail, it is about seeing what you KNOW. Give it a try. You might surprise yourself.



Not only on your phone, JAMWORKOUT can be found in gyms, studios, bootcamps, chiropractic and doctors' offices, apartments and condos.


We want to hear from you. Questions, feedback, anything.



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