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If You MUST Eat Fast Food

A guide to making better choices on the run

Ok, before everyone sends me hate mail, I am not a fan of most fast food.  However, in a pinch you can occasionally have fast food, make decent choices, and not blow your diet. Just try not to make it an everyday occurrence. Stick with grilled chicken, salads, and skip the buns on burgers (lettuce wrapped when available) to create meals that don’t derail your plan.

Here are a few options from some of my favorites.

  • Chipotle/ Moe’s– Salads or Bowls without beans and rice.  Add extra meat or guacamole if you are extra hungry.
  • In and Out Burger– Protein style burger (wrapped in lettuce)
  • Pollo Tropical– Wings and Caesar salad (no croutons) or choose any of their meats (no sauce)
  • Arby’s- Turkey Farmhouse Salad
  • ChickFila– Grilled chicken sandwich wrapped in lettuce
  • KFC– Grilled chicken and green beans

Tips for any restaurant:

  • If it has a sauce, ask questions about the ingredients or have it on the side or not at all. Just make sure to do it BEFORE you get your meal to avoid angering cooks and servers.  😊
  • Avoid the bread. This means buns, bread sticks etc.  And for that matter chips, tortillas and crackers. If it is in a basket on your table, you probably should pass.
  • Get your dressings on the side. Salads are great, but they can conceal a lot of calories.  Watch for fruit, candied nuts, sweet dressings and other carb bombs.

         SPECIAL NOTE: If you cannot resist, restrict your portion.  Share with a friend or take some home. You can even ask that they box half your meal before bringing it to the table.