Stretching- Why you should

No doubt you know the benefits if exercise or you would not be reading this. But if you want exercise to keep you moving like you did when you were a kid- you must stretch. You see, exercise does a great job of increasing blood flow, building muscle and burning calories. But stretching is what we do for the connective tissue to keep it healthy and strong. AN ALARMING FACTFor most of us our flexibility will diminish by more than 50% as we age. Yikes! This means your gait will likely get shorter, your posture will suffer, and simple movements will become more difficult- like putting on your shoes or picking things up off the ground. But does it have to happen? WHY YOU BECOME LESS FLEXIBLE  When you have been on this planet for more than a couple of decades, you begin to see the results of muscle imbalances, overuse, faulty movement patterns and injuries in your flexibility. In fact, all of these things can cause muscles to tighten and become resistant to what you probably think of as normal movement- walking, stooping and bending. Because it becomes more difficult, we tend to avoid those motions that cause us trouble. But as they say- if you don’t use it- you lose it. THIS IS PARTICULARLY TRUE WITH FLEXIBILITY. As we limit movement our bodies no longer sense the need to preserve the ability to stretch. Tendons and ligaments stiffen and the collagen that they are made of deteriorates. Without challenges to this connective tissue, there is no need for […]

Simple Data Drives Behavior

Simple Data Drives Behavior How to use Heart Rate Training (HRT) to Reach Your Goals Heart rate technology has been around for awhile now, but it is only in the last few years that it has become less of a runner’s tool, and more of a mainstream gym bag essential. With the inception of smart watches, step monitors and other tools, heart rate training has become a fitness buzzword. But what IS heart rate training, and can it really help you achieve your goals? First there is no magic tool that will instantly and without error allow you to hit every fitness goal exactly on time. But having additional data will allow you to adjust your program quicker and smarter. By providing simple data in a real time feedback loop, HRT encourages you to maximize your time and effort whether you are working out in the gym, outdoors or at home. How do they work? Every time your heart beats, a tiny electric signal is generated that causes your cardiac muscles to contract and pump the blood. Heart rate monitors work by measuring the electrical signal that is sent to the heart for every beat. A tiny sensor in the monitor picks up and records the signal, then transmits that signal to a database where it is converted to usable information such as time between beats, heart rate and calorie burn. This is also why different systems may produce different results. As we learn more about how the body works, and refine the calculations to include more variables like: heart […]

Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101

At JAMWORKOUT, we understand the nutritional choices that you make every day. We are here to coach you in your decision mak­ing and inspire you to be your best. Changing habits takes work. The less you have to figure out on your own, the more you can focus on developing the habits that create your new healthy lifestyle. In the JAM nutrition program, we focus on real food. We avoid processed, refined, or chemical-laden. We eat for nu­trient density. Our macronutrients are balanced. There is no starvation dieting, no fancy supplementation schedule. Learn how to eat, not just what to eat. This program is a 2-week nutritional reset, designed to rehab your metabolism, and allow you to see results quickly. However, we don’t want you to stop there. The program evolves after the first 2 weeks into a lifestyle that you can maintain. Eat as close to nature as possible. Avoid processed, refined foods. Eat as your great-grandma did. Local produce in season. Organic, if not cost prohibi­tive. Avoid GMOs. Consume all your macronutrients. Yes, that means carbs AND fats. Proteins- Source of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Fats- Source of essential fatty acids. Carbohydrates- Source of glucose, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Enjoy foods you tolerate well. If you can handle dairy, eat it. If it comes wrapped in cellophane or plastic, probably not a good idea. Even the “healthy” stuff. If you cannot control what is in your food, control how much you eat. Avoid portion distortion. Drink water. 88-120 oz. per day. More, if you consume caffeine […]

Find Your Why

Find Your Why

The human mind is amazing. It is our greatest ally, and our greatest enemy. That is why before you embark on any real, lasting change, you must first recruit your strongest muscle…your mind.  Make your mind into a believer and you will be astonished at what you can do. Begin with the end in mind.  Define your WHY. What does your ultimate goal look like?  Do you want to lose a significant amount of weight?  Do you want to gain some muscle?  Would you like to be able to play with your grandkids without pain or worry?  All of these are respectable goals, now get specific with them. Lose weight-How much weight? (Be EXACT) by what date?WHY? Keep active for strength, mobility, flexibility and generally feel better-What activity do you wish to perform, like a 5k? (Be EXACT) by what date?WHY? Gain muscle-Add 1-5lbs of muscle? (Be EXACT) by what date?WHY? The WHY is the secret sauce to making your dreams come true. It is the thing that will keep you moving through discomfort and focused on your goal. It is the fire in your belly and the glint in your eye.What is your WHY?

Why Calories STILL Matter

Why Calories STILL Matter

Take 5 minutes and look around the fitness blogosphere, and you will quickly see there are about as many different diet options as there are people writing about them.  But let’s keep things simple. Calories matter. Too simple?  You want to argue dietary dogma? You will be preaching to the choir (maybe even the choir director). You see, most folks are not ready for the deep dive into nutrition.  In fact, I guarantee if you have more than one diet book in your library, you did not read the book but merely skipped ahead to the “rules and recipes” chapters.  I am guilty of that, and I am someone you might consider “into nutrition”, an outlier, a nerd. And if you are ready to challenge me- then you probably are one too. I will concede that better calories produce better results, the old garbage in, garbage out adage.  I will concede that macronutrients will be important- LATER.  I will concede that if you are eating Frankenfood, you are doing damage to your body. In fact, most days I stomp my foot and loudly proclaim all of the above.  But I am shouting in the echo chamber. Those of us who “know” are far beyond the basics, and we can argue the science with the best of them.  But are we practicing what we preach?  Are we currently an example?  Or are we talking heads, so convinced of our own nutritional superiority that we forget the first step we all took back in the day?  Counting calories. Maybe, just maybe, it […]


The Importance of Targets And Why We Use Them Targets One of the primary driving forces behind JAMWORKOUT Philosophy is the need for targets. Imagine needing to achieve a bullseye without knowing which way to shoot.  It would be strictly up to chance whether you would be successful.  A target gives you a sense of direction, allows your mind to focus and not waste energy shooting aimlessly. Although you may not get the bullseye, you will come closer, and have a better chance through repetition to hit your target, which ultimately means reaching your goal. We have found through working with thousands of clients and members that setting individual workout targets provides not only direction but helps to avoid a sense of overwhelm when it comes to the loftier goals of losing weight.  Losing 50lbs is much more daunting than regularly working out for 500 or 800 calories. Why 500 and 800? The targets were developed according to average people and what they need to do to induce a change. Women naturally burn fewer calories, because of their generally smaller size and muscle mass.  Women are also far more likely to adhere to diets and calorie restriction.  For this reason, women should target 500 calories. Men have a larger body size and higher percentage of muscle mass, so they naturally burn at a higher rate.  The target for men is set at 800 calories per workout. What target should I have for warm up? JAMWORKOUT recommends that men warm up for 200 calories and women for 150. Ideally, your warmup will be […]

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